Sales Letters That Convert

You Agree to:

  • Provide an appointment app or scheduler (i.e. Calendly, etc).
  • Hold the appointments, serve the clients.
  • Provide client testimonials.
  • Setup and promote the landing page.

We Agree to:

  • Map out a customized messaging campaign for your Perfect Buyer.
  • Write an Irresistible Offer that gives your business an unfair advantage.
  • Produce a letter that's converting, producing high sales and a significant profit.

Our 100% Happiness Guarantee:

We are committed to your success. If you follow our process, do the work and have not gained at least a 5x – 10x return on your initial investment… then we will continue to work with you and support you until you do. As long as you commit to doing your part, we guarantee that you will produce high profits from this process.

One Payment of $4,500USD

Yes, I Want This!

"I signed over $20,000 of clients into my program."

Susan Epstein, Business Coach, USA

Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
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